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New Authors With New Stories

Here at Sleepy Hollow Press, we offer books written with great care and attention to detail so you, the reading lover, can have a fantastic experience. Our goal is to provide books that keep you entertained and out of the natural world, bringing different aspects of approaches to life and the world. We have books in a variety of genres, from children's books to adult novels. To contact us, please use our form. It will be an honor to reply as soon as possible.

Our Stories

We write stories that take people out of reality, taking them to completely different universes. For children, we aim to bring messages of interpersonal growth while ensuring a publication that will entertain them for a long time. Our commitment will always be to quality books, and our published titles include "Just Us Chickens," "Doomimals," and "Imperfections." We are a family of writers and illustrators, always working together to bring you amazing stories!

Our Publications

Many of our books feature illustrations. Our picture books are funny, entertaining, and made to bring a touch of humor to our stories. Our texts are reviewed carefully to ensure that only the best is delivered. We also care a lot about the audience we are reaching, so a book for a particular age group will only have content suitable for that type of reader. This is a commitment that we will always keep!

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